Loki/Bonus Talk

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Loki/Bonus Talk

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Loki/Bonus Talk

You can talk to Loki in front of the Union of the Golden Chalice in Athlum – Virtus Parish. He will have a new conversation after five visits.

Spoiler warning: Black Bubble

The hell do you want?

Don’t you know who I am? If we don’t got business than you’d better leave me the hell alone.

Spoiler warning: Red Bubble 1

You ever heard of the savage mountain bandit Loki? The one yer ma talked about along with the boogeyman? That’s me.

I’m trash, alright? A bad guy. Get seen talking to me and your precious reputation’ll be ruined.

Get it? Stay the hell away from me.

Spoiler warning: Black Bubble

I’m the mountain bandit Loki, get it? A bad guy. If you value what’s dear to ya, you’ll stay the hell away.

Spoiler warning: Red Bubble 2

When I was born, a huge disaster hit my village. The whole place was almost destroyed.

Everyone in town said I was cursed…said all I could do was bring bad luck. Only a baby and they completely loathed me.

So I grew up, and I hated them right back, every last damned person in that village.

I beat ’em up, cursed ’em out… By the end, even my own ma couldn’t stand me…

Spoiler warning: Black Bubble

From the day I was born, the people in my village said I was cursed. Every damned person in that town hated my guts. Even my own ma…

Spoiler warning: Red Bubble 3

So I left the village, and started making a name for myself as the fierce bandit Loki.

Killing people, hunting ’em down, hating them…
Every day, that’s all I did. And that was all I wanted to do.

But one day I met this kid…
Frackin’ changed everything.

I’m finishing up a job – casing this house – when I realize there’s a little girl there. I don’t screw around, I go on and pull my knife.

But right at the part where they usually start screaming and wailing, she pops out and says hi, all cheery-like.

Says she just wants to talk…says she wants to be friends. Turns out the girl’s blind.

‘Course, I didn’t believe it at first. I figured she was like the rest, tryin’ to pull one over on my. But turned out she just wanted a friend.

It was the first time that’d ever happened…the first time I’d come across someone who was actually happy I was there. The first and only…

I mean, hell, my own parents don’t want shit to do with me, and this random little girl – Reya’s her name – wants to be pals. Ain’t that a trip…

…Seriously, she saved me.
Who knows what I would become…

That’s why I been searching for something to fix her eyesight all this time. She’s done so much for me… I wanna at least try to pay her back.

Spoiler warning: Black Bubble

There ain’t a single person in the world who’s wanted anything to do with me but Reya. That’s why I been looking for something to fix her eyesight…I owe her.

Complete the quest The Villain and the Sightless Girl to continue.

Spoiler warning: Red Bubble 4

Guess, I owe ya one, Rush.

My eyes work fine, but my heart wasn’t letting ’em see worth a damn. All I’d ever see was darkness and pain.

It’s only thanks to Reya that I been able to clear some o’ that darkness away…her an’…

Huh. It’s funny how easy it is to find friends. You just gotta open up a little.

Parameter bonus!
You have become chummy with Loki, thus awakening his true powers!

Spoiler warning: Black Bubble

You again. ‘Sup.